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    Receive the status of Silver or Gold Qualification Su Jok Therapist. Similarity ( Homo) is the basic principle of this science. The Homo system of the body • Principles of its organisation, Manifestation of. Along with instruments for Su- Jok therapy, we also produce products for radiesthesia and aromatherapy. Our entire body in miniature is represented in our hands & Feet.
    Color Therapy English Complete. Organizes TWO STEPS SU JOK ADVANCE SEMINARS ON SIXU KI / EIGHT KI AND OTHER SUBJECTS ( Powerful Practical Methods of Treatment) In Association With. Anybody who desires himself to learn the basics of sujok therapy can do so within a matter of minutes. Magneto Therapy ( Self - Help Book) by Dr H L Bansal + Free 5 Sujok Rings. Șold punct comun su jok. The Power of Su Jok Therapy One day, when being treated by an acupuncturist, a Spanish friend who was visiting me in London walked into the room and remarked that I looked like a bull who’ d had a run in with the picadores ( the dudes on horseback who stick the. Signup as a Tutor. Our website was made several years after the company’ s establishment. This points / areas are composed in a very strict anatomical order, reflecting the structure of the body ( human or. It is available at an affordable price and provides 3 functions in one software.
    Principle of Sujok Byol Meridian Balancing Therapy. 4 product ratings - 10pcs Acupressure Sujok ( Su- Jok) Pain Therapy Finger Massager Circulation Rings. In the year – the very dawn of the internet era. Sujok color points. Like we use remote control to operate television we use our hands & feet to influence our whole body and cure disease.
    As a tutor you can connect with more than a million students and grow your network. Learn Sujok Acupuncture Acupressure Therapy - An Online Course - Find course details, schedule, fees, reviews of Learn Sujok Acupuncture Acupressure Therapy. Purchase Sujok, Sujok Acupuncture Acupressure, Acupuncture, Acupressure, Park Jae Woo, Natural medicine, Sujok, Sujok Acupressure, Sujok Acupuncture, Sujok Therapy;. It is an ultimate opportunity for one and all to upgrade their knowledge, skill & professional approach as well. THE BASIS OF SU JOK Su Jok therapy is based on the principle that there is a continuous flow of energy in our bodies. SuJok International Conference -. Su jok for everybody This manual is designed for a broad readership. The acupuncture software TCM Pro designed for Ryodoraku diagnostics is an extraordinary and more effective tool in comparison to any other computerized tools that currently exist in the market. The device is intended for: 1) evaluating the functional activity of organs and systems based on the Su- Jok Ryodoraku ( Nakatani) method; and 2) for Su- Jok recommendations that will help promote the recovery of disturbances in the body.

    Su Jok, a natural healing therapy, brings together many forms of hand and foot acupressure and acupuncture. In Korean Su, Means Hand and Jok,. Manual of Diagnosis and Treatment Su Jok. This energy is believed to flow in a systematic and uniform manner. Su jok Roller with two attachements Excellent Instrument for acupressure and sujok the. India' s Largest Sujok Summit.
    The word “ SU” in Korean means the hand and “ JOK” means foot. The software Su- Test Pro is a tool that can be used to precisely assess body health via meridian measurements. Anonymous BGQNXl8. INFORMATION ABOUT OUR WEBSITE. They are not very numerous but are all of our own personal, unique make.

    Sujok is nature' s gift to humanity. Chetna Kanchan Bhagat. The book is very helpful in mastering the easiest- to- perform rationales of rehabilitative and preventive techniques using the standard hands and feet correspondence system. The most astonishing aspect of this therapy is the simplicity. A Korean Scientist Approx. SIC targeting more than 1000 experts from all around the globe.

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